Powerhouse Gaming Offers Support to Customers

MARCH 20, 2020

A Letter from Nathan Freels, President of Powerhouse Gaming:

Dear Customer,

We are all facing uncertain futures as the COVID-19 virus impacts our daily lives, with an escalation of closures and “social distancing”becoming a temporary fact of life. Needless to say, our country is going through a national emergency and things will not be normal for the time being. This is also true for you, our customer, locations across the country have been closed or are under threat of closure as governments wrestle with containing the virus. In all cases we are supportive of our government's efforts and our societies’ need to come together to defeat the virus and get back to normal as quickly as possible.

All of us at Powerhouse Gaming view our customers as our family and over the years we have worked cooperatively with you to ensure your needs are met and, as always, we will continue to do whatever we can to help.

We have heard stories of posts and lodges operating with minimal staff to keep the kitchen open so they can provide the critical service of providing a much-needed food resource to those members who cannot get out to the stores. With many restaurants closed; posts and lodges can provide community-based support services to our neighbors and the community at large by ensuring access to food is maintained, and no one goes hungry.

With social distancing and self-isolation many people will feel the mental impact of being “cooped up” and knowing that they can get in the car and head down to the local fraternal to pick up a  burger might make it easier to bear. Elderly veterans forced to remain at home don’t have to depend on food delivery services for meals, but rather veterans helping veterans ensuring good quality food is delivered while maintaining safe guards to protect our elders from infection is critical. There are so many good initiatives that our customers are undertaking that we are following your example and mobilizing our resources to do our little bit in providing solutions to the nation.

We are not surprised by the reaction of our charitable partners, after all, in a crisis like the one we are going through, who is better suited to help support the community? Who else has the organizational skills, understanding and most of all the compassion needed to help the combatants on the front line of this war? For make no mistake, we are at war and will need to come together to battle this virus as one nation.

Whether your location is planning to support first responders with coffee and sandwiches or assisting the families of health care workers who will soon shoulder the burden of an absent mother or father who will be working endless hours caring for all of us. We want to let you know that Powerhouse Gaming is a long term partner, here to help you in your efforts during this time. We are not a large faceless corporation; we are a small company staffed with dedicated men and women whom you have seen many times at your facilities. We care and want to help in any way we can. Whether you need workers to staff a help line, or solution providers to help solve problems that may come up, we want you to think of us as a resource dedicated to support you. We are willing to do what we can to help and assist our customers.

We don’t know what form this assistance will take or where the most need will come, but we can assist in bridging communications between the various veteran organizations and service organizations who are the bulk of our customers and share best practices and solutions others have come up with. One of the tools you can use is the texting service, which is typically used to notify members of upcoming events, and which can now be put to work to pass along vital information to all your members. If you have not set this up yet, contact us immediately and we will get you set up ASAP.

Whatever initiative you are setting up to help combat COVID-19 there is likely someone on our staff that has the skill sets to assist in someway. As the community is looking toward your organization for leadership and assistance we want to reassure you that just as the country is in need and you are stepping up, we see you in need and we will also step up to assist you in your good works.

We are proud of the fact that we support charities and are amazed at the compassionate work you do on a daily basis. We are encouraged with the planning that is underway at many locations and when this crisis has passed the work that you do to help will be a testament to the character of your organization.

We are proud to do our small part and stand ready to assist in any way we can.  This is a time to come together as a people, as a family, and as Americans.


Nathan Freels
Powerhouse Gaming, Inc.


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