COMPLIANCE Advisor - Kentucky
Current Available Positions:

Powerhouse Gaming, a provider of charitable gaming products to various jurisdictions across the United States, is searching for a motivated and experienced Compliance Advisor to assist in our ongoing business operation within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our compliance department oversees all business processes and transactions to ensure all relevant legal and internal guidelines are followed. Reporting to the Corporate Executive Branch, your primary duties will include development of corporate policies to specifically meet regulatory requirements of Kentucky and reviewing employee conformance with these policies. The ideal candidate will be professional, highly analytical, and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. To prosper in this role, you should be fluent in risk management and our industry’s principles.


- Examine, implement and advise compliance team on state specific reporting requirements

- Ensure compliance with rules and regulations of new and current gaming jurisdictions, vendor due diligence, report any violations to appropriate parties with proper investigation and resolution

- Identify potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk.  Collaborate with the appropriate parties to mitigate threats, establish training and create action plans to resolve vulnerabilities

- Provide guidance and advise on gaming regulatory laws and procedures to company management

- Manage hardware and software shipping compliance; maintain audit-ready document control system Ensure that systems are implemented, understood and routinely evaluated to identify possible weaknesses or risk

- Continuously report to management on corporate compliance with laws and regulations

- Establish employee training criteria to meet corporate compliance goals

- Evaluate regulatory requirements, develop and implement gaming and licensing related internal controls, rules and procedures, and oversee compliance with internal controls and Compliance Plan


- Bachelor’s degree in law, finance, business management or a related field 

- Comfortable working with executive management and industry professionals to include a wide variety of specialized experts

- Comprehensive Knowledge of Kentucky charitable gaming laws, and regulations 

- Excellent writing, analytical and problem-solving skills; ability to prepare and maintain communication with executive team

- Ability to coach and teach about corporate and gaming compliance and promote a culture of compliance throughout the company

- Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality and professionalism

- Brilliant oral and written communication skills; highly-analytical, with a strong attention to detail

Three years' experience in legal, regulatory or gaming compliance is highly desirable. Salary is dependent on experience and qualifications; 67-74K/annually.

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to