Partner Testimonial: Williamsburg Moose Lodge 757

A recently received a letter from Alexa Gail Wilson, Administrator of Williamsburg Moose Lodge 757:

"Dear Powerhouse,

On Behalf of the Williamsburg Moose Lodge 757 and Chapter 1755 we would like to take the time to Thank You for your Partnership with us. We are able to Breathe a little and not have to worry about the bills and we are able to Donate so much more money than before the machines came along

Moose Charities is our Main focus in the donation department. We are able to donate to all their causes instead of having to pick and choose between them.  We donate to the Endowment fund, Mooseheart, Moosehaven, VA house, Massey Cancer Center, MAC center, Special Olympics, Senior Games to name a few. We are able to help out more in our Community as well. We have been able to house several families until they could get back on their feet. We are able to help out other nonprofit organizations in our area such as the Eagles, Masonic Lodge, VFW, SUDS , as well as other Moose Lodges in our state. We have donated to CHKD, CDR, Dream Catchers, ARC to name a few. We are able to help out the Local Sports leagues as well as schools in their Athletic Programs. It helps get our name out there. 

Our membership has increased as a result and that helps us all. The help with the Membership incentive program has been a tremendous Success. We owe a lot to Powerhouse and all their help with these endeavors.

We would most likely still be struggling with our Leaky Roof but Thanks to you guys we no longer worry about that. The Kitchen Renovation and the Bar renovation have been a God send. It is so Amazing to walk in to Our kitchen and see we are up to date and how much easier it is to keep Clean. The New Bar area looks Fantastic. It is very pleasing to the eyes and we are excited to finally have Patrons sitting at it.

I am attaching a few photos of a few of the many projects Powerhouse has helped us with. 

We Thank You from the bottom of our Hearts for all you have done to help on our Journey of Charitable Giving.

I walked around and asked a few members how they felt about Powerhouse. Here are a few quotes:

  • “I LOVE IT, it helps pay the bills around here, it brings in Membership and helps with camaraderie.” - Shawn Porter
  • “Love the variety of chances with so many games, NEVER Bored.” - Cathy Adams
  • “I can see the great improvements in the Lodge since the machines were put in.” - Lisa Gill
  • “The ceiling doesn’t leak anymore.” - Rodney Diehl
  • “This place went from to a dingy old bar to a clean updated facility.” - Virginia Cawthon
  • “Kitchen is state of the art I do not mind Volunteering back there anymore.” - Jeff Debusk"

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